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Guaranteed to blow your mind.

Good morning, X10! In shocking news, I am sick. I have been off for the few days, trying to limit the reach of the hotbed of contagion which is, you know, me. I've already gotten my parents sick, and everyone I left behind this weekend ended up sick too, which makes me a huge, huge jerk for even existing. Rae has resigned herself to dating Typhoid Mary. I've resigned myself to a life of bedrest...at least until the next tour.

Finally made it to the doctor's office (hard to drive places when your head hurts so bad you can't sit upright) - I thought about going Lohan and getting myself hospitalized for exhaustion, but apparently only Hollywoodlanders get that one - I just get nonspecific infections. Could be backterial, could be viral, doctor said. Either way, it's sinus, throat, ear. Apparently there's nothing that encompasses all my symptoms. I was told to get motion sickness medication over the counter for the dizziness and headaches and Benadryl for the nausea, and prescription-wise it was Amoxicyllan for me, which by Mackay's estimate is small-time. Until they invent a cure for general malaise I think I'm stuck though - all I want for Christmas is a functioning immune system. And a pony!

Things I've done during the last few days of bedrest with the new and improved Video Sender:

1. Laid in bed and watched MTV Hits and Fuse, back and forth between when I wasn't dead of headache. This was happily possible only with the Video Sender, since I don't have cable in my room, and with the Video Sender's new functionality I wasn't limited to just watching one single channel - I could change channels right from my bed. Ahhh. It's important to be able to switch away from Pants Off Dance Off as soon as humanly possible, you understand.
2. Laid in bed and watched the Panic! At The Disco DVD despite not having a DVD player in my room. Seriously, this thing is great, with the remote I could even watch my favorite parts over and over without getting up. It's like the new Video Sender came out just when it knew it was needed the most in my life. Sweet.
3. Laid in bed and watched DVR-ed programs (who am I kidding - I watched Panic! on Leno and then on Fuse's Celebrity Playlist. I like what I like, okay?) despite, you guessed it, not having DVR on my bedroom TV. My god, it's like magic. I'll never have to leave my bed again! Except I'm at work updating my blog, so obviously I did leave my bed - but you know. When I get back home, glorious TV at my command, yes! Pillows and blankets and a whole wide world of entertainment, it's like I'm not even sick at all, except for all the pain and fatigue.

Moral of the story: the new Video Sender won't cure your nonspecific illness, but it will send cable, DVD, DVR, and all attendant good things to a second TV, and you can even operate all those things with our included 5-In-1 Learning Remote. It's good for sick days, good for sleepy lazy days, good for days when you don't want to get another cable box or set up another TiVo or buy another DVD player - and honestly, do you have days where you *do* want to spend a lot of extra money for something you already have? Exactly.

Other than the sickness, this weekend was great, Vegas was shiny, the afterparty was fun, San Diego was blue skies and outdoor malls and backflips off piano risers and good friends and all manner of happiness. I'm so, so sad this tour is over, and can't wait for the next one.

Until then, I'll probably spend a lot of time in bed, watching TV.


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Somehow I had a feeling you updated your blog. This shared sickness makes us telepathic. Quick, what am I thinking about right now!? ... Yes, you're right, it's Ryan Ross.

This Video Sender excites me. You mean I can just stay in your room when I'm visiting to watch TV all day? This is awesome.

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