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A Chip Off Hubby's Block?

Last week, Robocop, our Rottweiler - Chihuahua mix puppy strayed from the house on a typical, cold, rainy, Seattle summer night. He apparently had found love in the wrong neighborhood, as the owner of the Westminster champion poodle he was pursuing let us know. Robocop had a microchip that permitted a local vet to pin down his family – if not Robocop himself.

I can’t imagine what I would have done if Robocop hadn’t been found. The thought of having to eat that entire 50-pound bag of Fido Kibbles by myself was just too much.

So, I wondered if the microchip that works so well for Robocop, is good for stray husbands as well. George usually doesn’t chase after poodles, unless their owners are young Mademoiselles as well. However, he has been known to work awfully late at the cemetery. I told him a part-time job digging graves late at night might not help him get into a positive mood, but he says this kind of work will always be in demand and we can count on the income to put little Seymour through the best pre-school.

The other night I went by the graveyard to surprise George with a picnic lunch complete with a box of Thunderbird – vintage Thursday afternoon. He wasn’t anywhere around the graveyard. He told me that he had fallen into one of the graves he dug, and wasn’t helped out until daylight.

Sometimes, I wonder though that he might be seeing someone else. One night, I found some frilly underwear in the laundry basket (not mine), and then he confessed to having a fondness for women’s undies. He has worn them ever since.

I keep having suspicions. I pray for the day X10 creates a system like Active Home that would let me monitor George from the Internet. Perhaps an even smaller surveillance camera that could fit in his new undies, or a microchip in his back end like Robocop. Imagine not only being able to follow him like a trail of breadcrumbs, but to be able to watch him wherever the trail leads.

Is that a pretty picture or what?


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Wow Barbara,

Pretty or not, that's definitely a picture! thanks for the great post!

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