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Priceless Masses Threaten X10 Values

The sales team at X10 has recently been alerted to an entirely new market!

It seems that there are ladies and gentlemen who eschew the artisan values in the X10 cachet. They actually don’t wish to park an X10 device in their driveway to astound their neighbors and next-of-kin. They don’t wish to wear a quiet lapel pin with the X10 logo on their sportswear.

For some reason, these folks simply wish to purchase something at a – dare I say it – minimal retail price. Some might go so far as to seek a wholesale value.

While X10 has always been a hallmark in intercontinental technology, there comes the time in every business life when we must reach out and purvey to those whose inclinations reach beyond an investment in a fine corporate institution. Sometimes we must satisfy the lowest common denominator of the X10 customer:
- I want it NOW!
- I want it CHEAP!

So, as quietly as possible, we have alerted this primitive customer to certain price advantages within the X10 marketplace. In recent weeks, the company has established a new competitive marketing department far removed from our plush wood grain and marble showrooms that typically display our wondrous technology. This philosophy requires us to resort to some unusual tactics:

- Web sites that not only DISPLAY the price of an item, but display it in excessively large fonts, and in displays that mention the price frequently.
- The sale of a high quality video sender at the ridiculous price of $34.99
- Use of base language designed to inflame customers into action such as “Goldmine,” “featured deals,” “last chance” etc.
- The sale of a Vanguard camera system at an unbelievable $299. (No, I’m not making this up!)
- The use of marketing ploys like “midnight bandit” and “price drop!”

Those of you who have shopped or more likely had your butler shop for distinguished products within the X10 product line, please forgive us for resorting to this pressure. Be assured that you will be continuously well served and sent home with the exclusive high quality X10 shopping bag, not made from recycled fibers, but from a fresh tree, chopped down before your eyes.

Please forgive us our bargains.


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