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A real “Loss” Weekend for X10

Sometimes folks at X10 go a little overboard.

It was pretty clear when I arrived at the offices of X10 Monday morning, that the compound had survived still another “wacky weekend” sale. Right away, you could see that the big guys in shipping and receiving had hidden several managers’ cars in nearby tree tops.

Good thing the Big Guy drives a Hummer!

Getting into the lobby, you could see wads of gum and broken pieces of plastic from the balloons that had decorated the hallways until the “wacky” call-center crew had played “pins the tail on the retail price.”

Hope they give the janitorial crew a bonus for what they’ll have to go through today.

When I got on the elevator, someone had marked a big slash sign (“/”) on the number nine, and changed it to “3.”

The elevator music had been removed from the car, and changed to the voice of a marketing guy announcing that the Midnight Bandit had not only dropped the price of X10’s top-rated Lola wireless video sender to fifty cents, but they would throw in a 60-inch Plasma television set for every room in your house, plus a Bose sound system if you bought today. It also promised free delivery to the elevator car or directly to your prison cell.

The Big Guy was already in the elevator attempting to rip the speakers out of the elevator car.

When I made it to the sixth floor there were large number of weekend workers sitting calmly in their recliners, having just taken generous portions of medication offered by a number of older serious European-looking gentlemen, each with a beard and a notepad. Every time the weekend workers would speak, the gentlemen would recite: “Yes, I see!”

Once in a while, I noticed that one of the European gentlemen would ask a question… “Is that deal on the plasma TV still available?”

The Big Guy had quietly slipped back upstairs to his office, looked at his books, his eyes saddened, his hand on a glass of personal medication, wondering out loud if the company would survive yet another “wacky weekend” ahead.

“To Tradition!” he yelled out, raising his glass.


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