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Is Your Sex Life Robotic?

A gathering of the world’s scientists concluded earlier this month that within five years, humans will be having sex with their robots.

Presumably, you’ll at least change the bag on your Roomba before you proceed.

As you can imagine the question of humans having sex with robots brings up issues for X10, a company dedicated to the concept of turning things on with ease.

X10’s product line includes Robotic Remote cameras that give the user the ultimate in home surveillance with four surveillance cameras and four Ninja Robotic camera mounts – all for $299.

We created these cameras for a specific purpose — whatever pleasures our customers.

Yet, our creation team did not anticipate the kind of pleasures scientific experts are predicting for these tools. We may have to adjust our users’ agreement should the working relationships between our customers and our Robotic Remote cameras get out of hand.

Should, for instance, an affair between a human and an X10 Robotic Remote camera sour to the point of separation, X10 will not be responsible for supporting the rejected camera. We will not be responsible for any therapy costs or the costs of medication that might be required to treat the camera’s depression.

Robotic Remote cameras were developed for the purpose of home security, and were not given any domestic skills. X10 will not be responsible for the failure of the camera to provide household duties such as washing dishes, cleaning household surfaces or bringing alcoholic beverages to the X10 user during a televised sporting event.

The X10 user is entirely responsible for making sure that the domesticated camera remains sure of itself, and is given multiple opportunities to prove its worth. This may or may not include opportunities to work outside the home.

No camera in the history of X10 laboratories has ever reproduced itself – even though it does have the capacity to reproduce its filmed productions. Therefore, sexual relations between the user and the camera – while not recommended by X10 – are entirely risk free.

Whatever your purpose for buying the Robotic Remote camera, try one. Who knows what may develop?


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