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A Truly Fluffernutter Day!

At last it’s here!

After days of waiting for the postman, the big, unmarked box came ready for assembly. It was truly the shiniest tool in my toolbox. It would go a long way to preserving my one indulgence.

Not even the NSA would be able to come near the neat, air-conditioned, fully carpeted showroom where I have encased my treasure. I’ve staked my life, my fortune and my sacred honor on making sure that no one will be able to move toward the secret I guarded in the back of the house.

The brand spanking new X10 Sentinel Camera would be a large part of preserving this unmitigated delight that no other person could now approach. The door to the room was solid steel, backed by mahogany. Sensor alarms were everywhere including the built-in sensor on the Sentinel. I could zoom in on the treasure with 44x zoom capability and I could pan and tilt to my heart’s delight.

My remote could penetrate the ceiling over the secret chamber, and the cameras charge-coupled device (CCD) image processor would make sure that I captured a clear image of any intruder.

My treasure was safe in the showroom, it was so important that I had to store the gold bars in the toilet tank to give the glass showcase breathing room. A part of me demands that I hide this booty from my family and friends, but still another wants to show the world what of wealth is hidden in this remote paradise.

But I shudder to think maybe what happen ought to word of my fortune spread. The most powerful army in the world might be hopeless in defending my cache of marshmallow Fluff.

In the morning, I think I’ll make myself a fluffernutter — all by myself!


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