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Opportunity Knocks.

Leave it to X10 to ring your chimes! Wirelessly!

If you’re like me, sometimes opportunity knocks at the wrong time. It has been very tough for me to answer the door, ever since I had to fire the butler – when he insisted that he only worked for money, not the prestige of working for me…

Imagine taking a calm, leisurely bubble bath, preparing for a stressful evening of prime time TV, and the doorbell rings. Down the stairs – between your naked body and the opportunity to buy a case of Girl Scout cookies – stands thousands of square feet of empty space. The sound of raw skin striking a wooden surface has a hard time traveling that difference. Especially if there are other sounds like bursting bubbles and flushing toilets coming directly from the bathroom.

Imagine, if you will, the night air ringing your chimes – right next to the bath tub. Immediately you can be alerted to the sound of opportunity.

But you say to yourself, I have the engineering skills of a demented fruit fly. I couldn’t possibly install the advanced X10 technology right here in my bathroom, never mind the dangers imposed by the act of installing an appliance at my front door.

How could I ever string the wire from the front door to the bathroom without my cats getting themselves entangled into a scene right out of a “kitty porn” movie?

Once again, X10 has the answer.

You can get a brand new, three-piece wireless doorbell lit for less than a bag of gourmet kitty food. You can install it in seconds without even a screw driver! The front-door button simply sticks on the front door frame, as does the chime that you install anywhere in your house. The wireless transceiver that sends signals across your living space from the front door even has an outlet to plug in a light or appliance.

What a gift for relatives with hearing problem that may not even hear the chimes. By plugging in a light, your loved one can SEE when someone is ringing the front door bell.

Enjoy that bubble bath. Let freedom ring.

From now on, just let the world stop by and ring your chimes.


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