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Case File #2

A Witness by the name of Jim may have spotted the BanditIn a strange twist of turn, Inspector Ecksten is reporting that a man by the name of Jim is being held for questioning. It appears that Jim may have some detailed information as to the whereabouts of the Bandit.

While out in the parking lot playing with sparklers, our Eyewitness Jim, says he may have spotted the Bandit.

In a recent statement to the Department Of Bandit Tracking (D.O.B.T.), Jim had this to say “Sorry, BUT that wasn't the bandit. It was his body double like in the movies. As a matter of fact, I saw him this afternoon in front of the pet shop hawking dog door sensors.”

DOBT officials are investigating these statements. In the meantime, Jim is cooperating fully with the investigation, and it appears that he is nothing more than a material witness with a possible sighting.

In a press conference today, Inspector Ecksten had this to report regarding the latest news of a possible sighting “We feel that we are on the right track to bringing down the Bandit. Clues are coming in, and the public is becoming more aware of their surroundings. In the event you think you may have spotted this ruthless criminal, call the D.O.B.T. immediately.”

With the latest news of this possible sighting, the D.O.B.T. has released more documents regarding the history of this criminal:

A note was discovered in the parking lot of the X10 Wireless Technology Headquarters.

“You've heard of Double-Barrel, Double-Shots and the Double-Mint Twins. So why not DOUBLE BANDIT!
I'm pulling a Double tonight to bring you Home Automation heist like no other.
I've set my sights on the 3-for-1 Slimline Decorator Switches. The deal is already an amazing value with three wireless wall switches for ONLY $19.99. But the Bandit wants more. I've dug deep an grabbed FOUR Slimline Designer Switches to ADD, giving you an incredible 7 for one low price!”

The note was sent to the D.O.B.T for fingerprint analysis and also to check the handwriting in comparison to prior notes.

In other breaking news, an unknown man called in to the town’s local radio station saying he was the Bandit.” When asked what his intentions were and why he was calling in, he stated:

To kick start your X10 home automation system, the Bandit is bringing back the RCA ActiveHome and Home Control Kit. .. The Bandit is slashing this down to JUST $10 tonight at Midnight (PST)”.

Officials at the radio station were unable to track the location of where the call was placed.

In other news... there was an automobile fire in a parking lot by a nearby pet store. Investigators suspect the fire was started by a man playing with sparklers?!


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