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Case File #3

It’s been eerily silent to say the least. The Bandit has the world in a state of alert, as he and his gang of accomplices have struck numerous times. When will he strike again? In an effort to beef up security, the doors at the X10.com Headquarters have been heavily armed with Eagle Eye motion sensors, and Sentinel cameras.

X10.com Employees, in their best efforts to remain upbeat, I understand, are making the best of the situation by partying it up inside a heavily-locked building, dancing to their Lola Controllers. In fact, I’m told by several witnesses, if you creep up close enough to the front door of the building, you can hear the music blasting as a result of the Powermid Remote Sender.

For added entertainment, they have also brought in comedienne Barbara Sehr, who is doing her part to keep spirits of the team members high. Several members have been seen through the window crying, but it’s not known it this is the result of laughing too hard from Sehr’s comedy act, or because of the sense of scare and fear in the area.

In his daily Press Conference, Detective Ecksten, lead investigator in the case, reported that “Although the Bandit has been fairly quiet the past couple of days, we must still remain ever vigilant. A few days of silence will not hide that fact that this criminal with the intent of dropping already low prices on X10.com gear will strike again.”

As promised, the DOBT (Department of Bandit Tracking), has released more information regarding the case:

Working on a hot tip from a possible source, DOBT Officials come out with an alert stating “We've just received word that the Midnight Bandit is already on the loose tonight! That means he could strike at any time!”

The Midnight Bandit has his greedy eyes on the SoundPower Audio Sender! With this amazing system, you can send audio from your stereo, computer & more up to 100 feet to any speakers - no wires required! Create the perfect outdoor party with high-quality sound, or watch DVDs in surround-sound! You can get this tremendous system, valued at $189.98, now for the incredibly low price of just $39.99 or when the Bandit strikes - get it for $29.99!

Apparently playing a game with the local authorities, the local television station broadcasts a videotape received from who they believe to be the Bandit. In doing their part to help the investigation, television executives decide to air the following message from the masked intruder: “The Bandit rides again tonight at midnight! So have your finger on the mouse when the clock strikes 12, because this is a deal you DON'T want to miss! “

Tonight the Bandit is doing something new! He is hitting a brand new, never-before-offered deal!
Tonight . . . he will strike on the All New Sun 'n' Fun Controller with Nightlife Activator! This fantastic system has a built-in photocell which automatically activates light/appliances at sunset, and turns them off again at sunrise! Dazzle your friends as your landscape lighting and garden fountain come to life as the sun sets over the horizon! Start your morning without hassle, as your bedside fan and outdoor lights turn themselves off at sunrise!
Normally $59.99, when the Bandit strikes, you will be able to get it for the unbelievable price of ONLY $29.99!
But be sure to be ready at midnight, because this one will not last!


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Here at the corner of Grape & Vine, rumor has it that the Bandit is planning to use a ROBO-DOG on a motorized skateboard to trip all of the sensors & alarms @ X10.
Then during the ensuing melee, he will then casually stroll in and blend with the staff confident that no one will recognize him. He can then wreak hovac with their products. Even giving away a couple of $10 items that he saw previously sitting on Dave Rye's desk.

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