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Poor Oprah...

I need a new book to read. In the last year or so I finally developed a taste for reading. I owe this fact to my sister, but more importantly to Chuck Palahniuk. You may or may not know but he wrote the book behind the infamous movie Fight Club. A year or two ago my sister handed me the book lullaby. I had a two hour train ride back to school so I figured I would give it a shot. Well let’s just say I was consumed, and the last page turned before the wheels on my train started to slow. I tend to be pretty A.D.D. when it comes to reading, but I was comprehending while moving at quite a pace. I think it has to do with his writing style. Palahniuk often seems less concerned with comma splices and complete sentences than he is with preparing a reader to be thrown off guard. I have since read every major novel that he has written. The only book I was not as thrilled with was his most recent, Haunted. I think there were too many characters, and possibly to little in the way of new environments and settings. That was the basis for much of the books conflict so I can’t complain too much.

So I’ve run out of his novels and really need that hour or so of reading before I sleep to clear my mind. Work has been flowing at an even faster pace than I’ve seen up to this point. We are launching a brand new website, www.NewToX10.com. Marko is putting the finishing touches on our initial effort as I write. He dropped me into the chilly water of coding today and I think I stayed afloat quite well. Today I learned all about the coding behind those sweet order buttons you click to have your Protector Plus sent to you. I worked on Forms, SSI’s, and Anchor Tags for the majority of the day. Produce, Produce, Produce…and then see if it works. I was nearly successful in all my efforts until I overlooked one small issue that Marko had tried to stamp into my brain. You can’t have the same form name twice on one page or the order button won’t have any idea what you want it to do. Right…but it all works now. I do enjoy the puzzle of troubleshooting. I have been troubleshooting Windows 2k for years now. Its fun to fix something that’s problem isn’t staring right at you. It’s not like a flat tire, or a loose hinge.

I’ve considered reading the Da Vinci Code before I see the movie just to understand what all of the fuss is about. The last time I picked up a book to see why people were freaking out about it was when I read Million Little Pieces by James Frye. I saw on the news that Oprah had been duped by this terrible man trying to make a profit. Frye wrote this book about his time spent in rehab. He first told Oprah that it was a memoir, but as soon as his facts were questioned he backed down saying it’s what he remembers. It seems like he was all over the news after that because Oprah had sponsored his book in her book club and now she felt used. I read the book and actually enjoyed it a lot. I have a problem with the fact that everyone was so surprised it wasn’t a memoir. If you read the book you’ll see that the author recalls every day of the ordeal down to the finest details. I have yet to meet someone with such ability, and would doubt someone in such a place recovering from heavy drug and alcohol use would be so capable. I enjoyed the book because the story seemed real, and was well written. Who cares if Oprah got duped? Not me.


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