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October 30, 2006

lundi matin. lunedì mattina. 星期一上午.

In hopes of visiting France
“Monday Morning” I am not bilingual--or any lingual... I am the stereotypical U.S. citizen. But I hope to change this. I commute to Kent --it takes about thirty minutes in the morning and forty-five at night and I think this should be enough time to learn a language in the car. I am thinking French, because Spanish brings back too many traumatizing memories of school.
In five years of Spanish all I learned was that “¡Escúcheme! Es callado ahora!” meant I’d find myself sitting in the hall waiting for the bell to ring. Oh, and I learned how to say something about a mule being smarter than me--that was Senorita Larsen's favorite lesson to teach. In sixth grade, when someone would answer a question wrong she’d make the whole class look at them and chant "a mule is smarter than you" in Spanish. It had a great rhyme and rhythm to it...but I have no idea what the actual words were. And when the class would turn to inflict this rhyme on someone, it would be with strange regret. You had to say it, but you didn’t want to—there was no fun in the belittling of classmates because we all felt dehumanized and powerless. Senorita Larsen-- now there’s a woman I would like to have a word with…

So--French, that’s what I’ve chosen. I would much rather have visions of Amelia and Carla Bruni than of my past Spanish teachers aka 'The Senorita’s of Perpetual Shame’.

October 27, 2006

Friday = bagels.

It's sort of like being in grade school on Friday when you either got to have pizza for hot lunch... or maybe your class got a pizza party. (I tried to think of more examples but it just hit me---we've been bribed or rewarded with pizza since childhood...a little odd)
Anyway this has nothing to do with pizza but everything to do with Friday + free food = hooray. I am still just as easy to please as when I was in 3rd grade. At X10 we get bagels, pastries... all the good stuff and it almost makes getting out of bed a little easier on Friday morning. It couldn't hurt that I know tomorrow I won't be waking to the two alarms I have rigged to get myself out of bed...
This blog is quickly unraveling I will write once I have food in me... hmmmm and at least one cup of coffee.

October 25, 2006

I work at X10!! It's official!

Today I am have become Sarah MacKay-X10 jr. copywriter--officially. My first real job. Ahhh. I am just going to enjoy that sentence. And writing--for a living. (another great sentence to savor) Marketing! - for a living....
Anyway, I am very excited. I am excited to learn everything I can and become a copywriting guru. What's really great is learning about the fun gadgets I write about. Like the X10 Video Calling System--which I even got to bring home! It's like a webcam-- but better, so now I can talk face-to-face with my family and friends that live far away. And I have a lot of people that live far away. See, I live in Seattle, my parents and sister live in Massachusetts, my brother is in Virginia, the rest of the family is in Vermont and Florida. My friends are everywhere--Chicago, South Dakota, Georgia, Michigan... and my '<3' lives in Texas. I may have just gotten my 'first real job' but I can't afford to fly all over the country when I want to see everyone I love and miss!
Luckily, Video Calling is free! I just use my aol IM name and I can show everyone my house and of course my beautiful face! Now, if only I could do something about those pesky 'time-zones'... at least I don't have to wait until 9pm to get my free wireless minutes anymore! Hooray!
A great job, and getting to use fabulous products like webcams...what more could a gal want?

October 18, 2006

The road to Kent and thoughts on rain

The road to Kent

Today, during my lunch break, I went on a mission. A mission to find out why the 150 bus from seattle doesn't actually stop at the 150 bus stop right across the street from X10. After being put on hold many times and explaining my question m-a-n-y times I found out.... there is no answer. It is a black hole in the world of public transportation. Great.
So my minivan needs to keep truckin'. Not that I doubt the abilities of my 1998 blue-ish purple-ish Dodge Caravan, she has gotten me from Massachusetts to Colorado twice. And this summer she hauled everything I own to Seattle. But I could do without the sputtering on the highway or the feeling that the bottom might drop out everytime I go from 45 to 65 mph. Then again, the constant fear keeps me awake during the commute.

Bring on the rain!

I am new to Seattle and Kent for that matter, well, the whole state of Washington if we're getting technical. I have realized that Seattlites have one thing to say to newcomers. They'll ask me, "So, how do you like Seattle?" and when I answer,"I love it" they bust out the line everyone must have to memorize to become a resident here, "Well, just wait until it rains, we'll see if you still love it..."

I have been waiting. Seattle gets 96 sunny days a year. I have been here for three months and have used about 80 of those days...leaving only 16 more sunny days left. So my wait should be over...

And you can't scare me Seattle!! I love rain! I love it! I am going to buy galoshes and splash around. I am going to catch the rain in pots and drink it. I am going to wake up everyday and say "Yes! It's still raining!" then I will come into the office and shake out my umbrella and say "Beautiful weather we're having, eh?" I laugh at your rain HA! I laugh!
(And even if I don't, I'll never let on....)

October 10, 2006

Learning to blog

Yes! It's official! I can put a check next to one of my 'Things to Do'

(X) FInd a way to incorporate the word blog into my daily language

Why was this a goal? I guess my love for the word blog could be blamed on my English degree induced word-obsessive tendencies ....or just because it's a great blogging...have you blogged my many, blog, blog. After you say it three times it stops being a word and becomes a strange sound effect.

I had higher hopes for my first blogging experience, perhaps it would be better if you could see the painful squeezing of my brain with the X10 video calling system... I could express my lack of bloggable material with one tremendous facial expression. You could zoom in close enough to see the hissing that I am pretty sure is coming from my ears...the hissing steam of an over-heated brain.

Anyway, time to hit the road...I can't wait to blog again, and to tell everyone I see that I have a blog (just so I can say blog of course)