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Buy Something or the Puppy Dies

As we enter the second week of this blog, I should make a disclosure here. This comedy stage that X10 has provided for me sometimes contains discreet product placements that from time to time make it possible for the company to quietly market its incredible electronics. (Why are you wasting time reading this when you could be pressing the buttons on your Action Home remote?)

Of course, X-10 is always reluctant to push its economical product line in public. Despite sending introverted marketing manager after introverted marketing manager to seminars in the hopes that they will learn to at least speak with some meaning, the company is forced to sit back and hope that by reading this space you might be sufficiently moved to drop $29.99 in the collection box and go home with some token video camera or remote control. At the end of the night, Mr. X10 hopes he can gather the wherewithal to feed the more than 100 orphans he has adopted and also take care of the dozens of puppies and kittens that are housed in the no-kill shelter in Mr. X10’s garage. (Come on, there are bargains out there, when are you going to get your credit card out?)

Naturally, when given this situation, I wanted to do what I could to help. I was looking forward to demonstrating Action Home in particular. I imagined that Action Home was your typical 12-bedroom, eight-bathroom home with swimming pool and party cabana common on the streets of Kent, Washington. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the price of this sort of real estate was far higher than the $79.99 or less price X10 typically charges. It was then I learned that Action Home did NOT include the home. (OK, buy something now or the puppy gets it!)

Still, I was amazed at what was in the package. There were doo-dads that connect the system to my computer, remotes to control the lights, music and Robodog from anywhere. Even a keychain remote to turn everything on as I approach the garage. (You think I’m kidding?)

But then, there was NO garage included! (I’m trying to do you a favor here…get that credit card out now!)

Someone has to speak the truth… The Action Home contains no Home.

The action is up to you. (Thank you for your business!)


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