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I Want to Thank X10 for Making This Oscar Possible...

X10 sells a lot of surveillance cameras, primarily to help keep visitors to your home from looking into your medicine cabinet to see if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Of course, it also keeps them from stealing the family jewels.

Yet, there are endless applications for the tiny cameras and transmitters developed by X10 that could make for interesting entertainment. Imagine yourself preparing your “thank you” speech at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as you ace out Weekend with Bernie IV for the cinematography Oscar.

Reality movies and television are still the rage. Your X10 camera could be your ticket to the Hollywood scene as you easily script a simple day in a simple life. Visualize the audience awe as they watch the mailman come up the steps and hand you a certified letter. See their hearts reaching out to you, tears streaming as you close in on the eviction notice. As the days go on, count down the hours and minutes until the sheriff arrives. Close in on the big screen television as the sheriff carts it outside, the X10 transceiver still chronicling the rapid build-up of furniture on your front lawn. Finally, as the landlord pries the surveillance camera from its foundation at the front door – simply fade to black.

There are so many simple stories that Hollywood has not yet memorialized on the wide screen. Like the day your influential neighbor’s daughter gave you the Heimlich maneuver after you choked on one of her Girl Scout cookies that you just bought. When you recovered, you picked up your bloody teeth that you spit out with the cookies. You bravely smiled with your mouth shut, and bought four more cases.

The X10 cams are small enough that they can be attached to a roving pet, and your entire family can gather at the next graduation, wedding reception or wake, and watch Fido and Fluffy go at it in the neighbor’s yard and make their mark on his lawn. When it comes to pets, you never know what they might do. They could create a video that would put Old Yeller to shame.

There’s probably plenty of drama in your very own simple life. Dare to be brave. Dare to make cinematic history and prepare the world for your close-up.

Don’t forget to thank X10 at your Academy speech.


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