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Protect Your Right to Buy High — Avoid the Midnight Bandit

You might have heard rumors that X10 — the greatest name in home security — has been struck lately with repeated thefts from someone politely called “The Midnight Bandit.”

Each night, this self-defined “Robin Hood” steals from the X10 vault of security products, hacks his way into the X10 Web site and then attempts to foist these products on to innocent buyers at ridiculous prices.

When you pick up an Active Home system that sometimes sells for $100 for a mere $10, you’d think you might be suspicious. These high-end electronic devices don’t just fall off a turnip truck. They are painstakingly manufactured by highly trained robots with high security clearances at an undisclosed location. These robots are fed the finest in three-in-one WD40 oil, treated with love and protected by greater security than even the makers of Britney Spears’ eyeliner.

Yet, this “Bandit” character believes he can simply hijack a select number of these devices and then daringly announce to the world that they are available for prices only a cheapskate electronics groupie could love.

This “Bandit” obviously hates our freedom.

Here in America we have the freedom to pay the highest price for everything from blue jeans to a Hummer. We can sheepishly pay what no man has paid before. Instead of driving a bargain to the lowest bid, we want to make sure that sellers can send their offspring to a fine university or an exclusive boutique on Rodéo Drive.

But the bandit thinks otherwise. He wants to make sure that X10 executives are denied their Country Club memberships, and their valet parking privileges are suspended. He will not rest until every X10 product falls off the entire Fed Ex fleet and into consumer hands.

We need to put an end to this scourge.

As you read your X10 newsletter this week, as you visit the homepage, and as you fear the thought of an X10 executive’s child playing with second-rate lacrosse equipment, please avoid the “Midnight Bandit.”

He might tempt you with a $12 surveillance camera. But hold firm.

He might attempt to fill your home with music and video for the price of a DVD, but tell him no thanks; you would rather pay your credit card company on Tuesday after Tuesday.

He might say I will make it possible to watch what goes on in your house from your office Internet connection for a fraction of the cost of a divorce lawyer, but tell him you would rather pay a private investigator.

The future of America (and X10) is at stake here.

Please avoid signing up for the Midnight Bandit’s notification list, and avoid the X10 Web site around midnight, Eastern time.

Can we count on you?


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