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Remembering Dear Old Dad – Electronically

Silver bills. Silver bills. It’s that special time of year.

Just as you are paying the credit card company for that 8-course meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken and the new vacuum cleaner you got Mom for mother’s day, here comes the marketing people with Father’s Day.

As much as you might love dear old dad, is he really worth the price of a chicken dinner? Or a vacuum cleaner? Or did he get bummed out when you threw up in the Hummer after the prom?

If you are asking these questions, you might want to seek professional help.

After all, dear old dad is a rare treasure. Someone with whom you can play ball, learn the complexities of inter-gender combat, and prepare for the day when YOU sit in the recliner with snot covering your nose hairs.

Yes, your Dad might not be able to get the eight track cartridge to fit correctly in the toaster, but chances are he would rather have some X10 electronics this Father’s Day than a dozen roses or a “Magic Abs Extender.”

Sure, X10 surveillance cameras are so small that he might forget that he left one on the bottom of the cat box. But when he sees the resulting video day after day, it will be like watching a Friskies commercial or “kitty porn” over and over again.

Active Home might get a little confusing for someone who is still trying to figure which side of the electric toothbrush he got for Christmas goes in the mouth, but once he’s turned on the basement lights for the raccoons while he sits in his easy chair, the moment will be one he’ll treasure forever.

Best of all, you might consider Lola, which flashes video from Tivo or a DVD player to the bathroom TV. Then again, you might not – unless there is another bathroom in the house, or a public restroom is available nearby.


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