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Whoever You Want — Lola Projects Herself

Yesterday, I disclosed plans for the new Active Home 2007 credit card-sized remote. Before the X10 authorities and their bombers explode my Internet connection, I also want to reveal another forthcoming X10 electronics gadget

The next generation of Lola – which already allows you to send video wirelessly from your PC to any television in your house, is due for a makeover. Lola has, after all, been pleasing those who push her buttons for nearly a decade, and its about time she was wired with more than a RCA jack.

In the near future, whatever you want, Lola gets.

The technology is simple. As you travel from cell tower to cell tower, you can send a video message to anyone’s cell phone from Lola 2008. Introduce yourself to that prospective X10 community mate, as you flash video of yourself performing a karaoke number, telling an amusing story, or experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.

Through the magic of packet technology, the object of your affections is sent a subject line of your choice:

“I saw you, and you’re hot!”
“Voulez vous couchez avec moi?” (if you’re traveling through the French Quarter.
“Where’s Waldo?”
“It’s a Saturday Night, and I ain’t got nobody.” (for the truly desperate)
“Have Viagra … and my clock is ticking.”

The object of your affection then has the ability to opt-in to receive your message. For an additional monthly charge, you can make the process of opting in complex for anyone except an MIT graduate.

The best part is that you will be close enough upon sending your message to your intended’s cell phone that you can actually observe his/her response as your message is received.

Then again, this could be the bad part.

If romance fails, you can always use Lola 2008 to send commercial spam.

Be prepared, however, to experience the same results.


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