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Would the Last Person Living On Earth, Please Turn Off the Lights?

If you are still breathing, congratulations.

Today, 6-6-06 is a day that lives in infamy. Actually, it lives only once in each millennium, so it’s very special. (If you’re reading this sometime just before 3006, you’ve been forewarned.)

This is also the day that most of my family thinks I was born. I was actually born in January, not June, and it was in ’07, not ’06. I’ve been told I don’t look a day over 998. For many, it is the day of the Apocalypse. The day, the Anti-Christ comes out in Washington, DC to warn us that our current run of peace and prosperity is near an end. Or is it the day that a movie comes out to remind us that Hollywood can still make our collective skin crawl when it wants?

So, what can you do to celebrate surviving the Apocalypse?

You can go to Hell.

If, however, the state of Michigan is not in your travel plans today, you might want to visit X-10’s new Treasure Chest. For those of you on 24-hour “broad” band, we are not referring to any anatomical features displayed in our accounting department during working hours. The Treasure Chest is actually a collection of bargains guaranteed to make your heart thump and your credit card jump.

You might even find “Lola” in there. You can push Lola’s buttons and make your heart sing… or if you prefer Lola will make the Dixie Chicks sing — so fabulously that they will be asked to perform at the White House. If you pop for a few extra bucks, Lola will sing anywhere in your house with no strings attached.

X-10 is not responsible if the Apocalypse renders all electronic devices inoperable.

Should, however, you be the last to survive the end of the world, you might want to get a quick deal on one of our remotes that lets you turn off your stereo, television, DVD, player and the last remaining light.

Have a great Apocalypse.


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