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July 17, 2006

Case File #4

The city is finally calming down after the chaos and madness from last week.

After a few days of laying low, the Bandit hit with a vengeance, and it appears his group of accomplices had managed to walk away with many great deals, saving lots and lots of money.

Results from last weekends DNA testing on the peanut butter and banana sandwich, although yielded little clues as to the identity of the Bandit, did provide a future DNA sample.

Many traces of Bazooka Joe bubble gum discovered at the scene, were also sent to the lab for analysis. Officials are trying to determine who chewed the gum and had left it in the crime scene.

For extra precautions, the scene remains cordoned off, and access to the building remains tight.

In his daily press conference, Inspector Ecksten, Lead Investigator of the case had this to say: “Hello everyone. As you know, this past weekend saw the Bandit become more brazen than ever. We have no new leads to report, however we will be releasing more case information to the public.”

Members of the media than had the opportunity to ask the Inspector some questions, and one question in particular seemed to have left the Inspector startled when a reporter asked “Can you tell us more about G.U.M. (The Get Us More) and their role into these possible break ins with the Bandit?”

Inspector Ecksten quickly replied that hecouldn’t comment on this part of the iinvestigation, but he is sure that the Bandit has more up his sleeve. It’s just a matter of finding a way to stop him.

In the meantime, the DOBT (Dept. of Bandit Tracking) released the following case file information:

A note was discovered in the men’s bathroom of the town’s public library. From the way it was written, it appears to be from an accomplice:

The Midnight Bandit has been slashing prices all weekend! And good news ... he's still on the loose! If you've been following him so far, than you ain't seen nothin' yet!

This weekend he's back, folks, and he's roundin' up all the week's best Midnight Bandit Deals! So if you missed out before, you'd better take a seat, because the bandit's gonna put a deal right in your lap! Come back at midnight, and he guarantees you'll get lucky!

A man reported an individual dressed in black wearing a mask tagging the side of a building. Thinking it was just a teenager up to no good, he was shocked to read the message of:

AMAZING! Bandit Striking RIGHT NOW!?!? Yes, that's right... The Bandit doesn't JUST strike at Midnight!

July 14, 2006



The team is at an uproar and is running around in panic! It’s utter chaos and madness here at the Headquarters!

Security personnel on guard recently discover a tunnel leading to an unlocked door inside the X10.Com building. Armed with instructions to shoot at will, it is quickly discovered that the Bandit had struck again!

X10 officials had released a statement earlier on the break in, saying that one of the vaults at the headquarters was recently emptied, and that left alone in the corner was a half-eaten peanut-butter and banana sandwich. The sandwich has since been turned over to authorities for DNA testing.

Upon entry into the tunnel was a note left behind stating:

Through this weekend the 2-way lamp module and (LM14A) and the 2-way appliance module (AM14A) will be on SPECIAL offer at the SPECTACULARLY new low price of $12.99 (coincidently, the same price as their one-way equivalents, the LM465A and AM467A) And the Bandit is going to lower the price to $9.99!

We're going to offer for the FIRST TIME EVER the ActiveHome Pro $49.99 starter kit with a Bandit offer to add a 2-way 4 pack (2 AM14A and 2 LM14A) for $29.99 making the ActiveHome Pro starter kit the BEST EVER, NEVER SEEN BEFORE value for only $79.99! Note: the 4-pack is not available by itself!


For the LM14A:
SoftStart is cool -- It creats a sophisticated look by slowly (within a couple seconds) bringing the light on or off. DimSelect allows the user to pre-select any level to dim to. No more full-bright then dim down.

A HUGE increase in light bulb life equals less hassle (I hate having to change light bulbs) and lower cost (you'll buy fewer bulbs).

An increase in energy savings -- equals more money in your pocket. Saving energy and reducing waste is environmentally friendly -- you'll be green!

Lastly, a modern sleek design and the latest in X10 technology at an UNHEARD of price!

For the AM14A:
The big benefit here is the fact that it's 2-way. The module reports back to ActiveHome Pro what its status is -- if it's on or if it's off. If you're using MyHouseOnline you'll know for sure the status of a remotely controlled appliance. And a modern sleek design and the latest in X10 technology at an UNHEARD of price!

This promotion is open to EVERYONE! to buy ANY QUANTITY they wish.

Case File #3

It’s been eerily silent to say the least. The Bandit has the world in a state of alert, as he and his gang of accomplices have struck numerous times. When will he strike again? In an effort to beef up security, the doors at the Headquarters have been heavily armed with Eagle Eye motion sensors, and Sentinel cameras. Employees, in their best efforts to remain upbeat, I understand, are making the best of the situation by partying it up inside a heavily-locked building, dancing to their Lola Controllers. In fact, I’m told by several witnesses, if you creep up close enough to the front door of the building, you can hear the music blasting as a result of the Powermid Remote Sender.

For added entertainment, they have also brought in comedienne Barbara Sehr, who is doing her part to keep spirits of the team members high. Several members have been seen through the window crying, but it’s not known it this is the result of laughing too hard from Sehr’s comedy act, or because of the sense of scare and fear in the area.

In his daily Press Conference, Detective Ecksten, lead investigator in the case, reported that “Although the Bandit has been fairly quiet the past couple of days, we must still remain ever vigilant. A few days of silence will not hide that fact that this criminal with the intent of dropping already low prices on gear will strike again.”

As promised, the DOBT (Department of Bandit Tracking), has released more information regarding the case:

Working on a hot tip from a possible source, DOBT Officials come out with an alert stating “We've just received word that the Midnight Bandit is already on the loose tonight! That means he could strike at any time!”

The Midnight Bandit has his greedy eyes on the SoundPower Audio Sender! With this amazing system, you can send audio from your stereo, computer & more up to 100 feet to any speakers - no wires required! Create the perfect outdoor party with high-quality sound, or watch DVDs in surround-sound! You can get this tremendous system, valued at $189.98, now for the incredibly low price of just $39.99 or when the Bandit strikes - get it for $29.99!

Apparently playing a game with the local authorities, the local television station broadcasts a videotape received from who they believe to be the Bandit. In doing their part to help the investigation, television executives decide to air the following message from the masked intruder: “The Bandit rides again tonight at midnight! So have your finger on the mouse when the clock strikes 12, because this is a deal you DON'T want to miss! “

Tonight the Bandit is doing something new! He is hitting a brand new, never-before-offered deal!
Tonight . . . he will strike on the All New Sun 'n' Fun Controller with Nightlife Activator! This fantastic system has a built-in photocell which automatically activates light/appliances at sunset, and turns them off again at sunrise! Dazzle your friends as your landscape lighting and garden fountain come to life as the sun sets over the horizon! Start your morning without hassle, as your bedside fan and outdoor lights turn themselves off at sunrise!
Normally $59.99, when the Bandit strikes, you will be able to get it for the unbelievable price of ONLY $29.99!
But be sure to be ready at midnight, because this one will not last!

July 13, 2006

Case File #2

A Witness by the name of Jim may have spotted the BanditIn a strange twist of turn, Inspector Ecksten is reporting that a man by the name of Jim is being held for questioning. It appears that Jim may have some detailed information as to the whereabouts of the Bandit.

While out in the parking lot playing with sparklers, our Eyewitness Jim, says he may have spotted the Bandit.

In a recent statement to the Department Of Bandit Tracking (D.O.B.T.), Jim had this to say “Sorry, BUT that wasn't the bandit. It was his body double like in the movies. As a matter of fact, I saw him this afternoon in front of the pet shop hawking dog door sensors.”

DOBT officials are investigating these statements. In the meantime, Jim is cooperating fully with the investigation, and it appears that he is nothing more than a material witness with a possible sighting.

In a press conference today, Inspector Ecksten had this to report regarding the latest news of a possible sighting “We feel that we are on the right track to bringing down the Bandit. Clues are coming in, and the public is becoming more aware of their surroundings. In the event you think you may have spotted this ruthless criminal, call the D.O.B.T. immediately.”

With the latest news of this possible sighting, the D.O.B.T. has released more documents regarding the history of this criminal:

A note was discovered in the parking lot of the X10 Wireless Technology Headquarters.

“You've heard of Double-Barrel, Double-Shots and the Double-Mint Twins. So why not DOUBLE BANDIT!
I'm pulling a Double tonight to bring you Home Automation heist like no other.
I've set my sights on the 3-for-1 Slimline Decorator Switches. The deal is already an amazing value with three wireless wall switches for ONLY $19.99. But the Bandit wants more. I've dug deep an grabbed FOUR Slimline Designer Switches to ADD, giving you an incredible 7 for one low price!”

The note was sent to the D.O.B.T for fingerprint analysis and also to check the handwriting in comparison to prior notes.

In other breaking news, an unknown man called in to the town’s local radio station saying he was the Bandit.” When asked what his intentions were and why he was calling in, he stated:

To kick start your X10 home automation system, the Bandit is bringing back the RCA ActiveHome and Home Control Kit. .. The Bandit is slashing this down to JUST $10 tonight at Midnight (PST)”.

Officials at the radio station were unable to track the location of where the call was placed.

In other news... there was an automobile fire in a parking lot by a nearby pet store. Investigators suspect the fire was started by a man playing with sparklers?!

July 12, 2006

Case File #1

In an attempt to bring this case to life, and to provide an awareness for the safety and security of public spending, Authorities have decided to slowly release case information with the hopes that your tips will lead to the Bandit's capture.

"We feel it's very important to bring the Bandit to justice," says Lead Investigator Ecksten of the Department of Bandit Tracking (DOBT). "His intent to provide unreasonably low prices is causing too much of a frenzy amongst X10 customers. I can assure you WE WILL CATCH THE BANDIT."

Today, authorities have released a partial history detailing the Bandit's movements:

X10 Xcam2 Wireless Camera File Footage

Thursday June 08, 2006:
X10 receives word of an individual dressed in black clothing, wearing a black mask and lurking around the X10 Wireless Technologies Headquarters.

Security is notified, only to discover that the man has since fled. Running away, he strikes by dropping prices on the X10 Wireless Video Sender.

X10 Officials discover his intent soon enough and are able to keep damage to a minimum by restoring prices on the video sender back to the low normal prices they were prior to the intrusion.

Due to the way he is dressed, and the nature of his crime, he is “dubbed” as The Bandit.

Friday, June 16, 2006:
Bandit strikes again, with super savings deals for himself and his accomplices. The following note was discovered left behind on the X10 website:

“Have your finger on the mouse at Midnight & Steal-A-Deal like never before! First Come, First Served! Now remember, these Bandit Deals are limited in supply - so jump like a jack rabbit with his paws on fire!”

In addition, the Bandit and many of his accomplices walked away with several “steals:”

• Ignite the Passion with ActiveHome Home Automation Starter Kit (Was $20, Now $10)
• Perfect for sharing your digital photos and movies with friends and family (Was $29, Now $10)
• Get a Wireless XCam with Video Sender L2 (Was $59, Now $29)
• Watch Cable, TiVo, DirecTV on ANY TV in the house! (Was $29, Now $5)
• Tiny & Fun XCam Surveillance Camera for half price (Was $24, Now $12)
• Get 2 Tiny & Fun XCam Surveillance Camera for the price of one (Was $39, Now $24)

In an attempt to bring attention to his misdeeds, authorities discover another note nearby, believed to of been written by an unknown accomplice:

Don't forget to add your comments to our "Bandit Deal Discussion". The more excited you are about these deals the more exciting we will make them. So far your responses have been pretty weak and The Bandit is having second thoughts. C'mon, show The Bandit some appreciation & talk it up!

Saturday, June 17, 2006:
Still on the run, and more brazen than ever, The Midnight Bandit was up to his old tricks and had been slashing prices all weekend at the X10 website.

A note left behind was discovered with the following comments:
“And good news ... he's still on the loose! If you've been following him so far, than you ain't seen nothin' yet!” This weekend he's back, folks, and he's roundin' up all the week's best Midnight Bandit Deals! So if you missed out before, you'd better take a seat, because the bandit's gonna put a deal right in your lap! Come back at midnight, and he guarantees you'll get lucky!”

Security and X10 officials are put into high alert.

Authorities tell us that they will be releasing more information to the public soon. In the meantime, they are hard at work trying to track the Bandit's whereabouts. They are sure he will strike again. The only question is WHEN?

Stay Tuned.

July 11, 2006

Case Briefing

"The Bandit" is on the loose!

This is Inspector Ecksten, of the Department of Bandit Tracking (D.O.B.T.). We've been hot on the trail of an unknown person who goes into the website along with numerous accomplices dressed up like customers to "steal deals."

We've dubbed this unknown person "The Bandit" for his appearance where he dresses all in black and wears a mask to hide his identity. His other aliases also include "The Midnight Bandit" and "El Bandito."

To date, he has been responsible for numerous sales and discounts for over a month, causing a frenzy with the X10 customer service sales team.

Your job is to read over this case file and help identify when his next move will come from. If you succeed, The Bandit will be put away in prison for a very long time.

On a daily basis, more information will be posted providing you clues, hopefully to his whereabouts.

X10 Wireless Technologies, has put out rewards for his capture. Will you be one of those who collect?

A Case File will be posted tomorrow for your review.